Your Church as an Emergency Shelter

 Houses of worship can be vital partners with the Red Cross during a disaster. Review “Faith Communities & Disaster Sheltering” to see how you can be prepared to help.  

Many people have special needs that are amplified during a disaster. These “Vulnerable Populations” could include those with vision, hearing and physical impairments, those on special medication and others. This fact sheet helps you prepare for these situations.
What should be in your basic “Emergency Kit”? This checklist tells you the most important items to have available. And we all know cold weather can pose unique problems. “Faith Communities & Cold Weather Hazards” tells you how to prepare for extreme cold and how to respond when it hits.
“I learned many years ago if the church has power and a kitchen, during a blackout one way to help is to offer our facility as a place of warmth. If we have cooks we can also invite folks to bring their defrosting food to be cooked and shared with all who gather at the church rather than have it wasted. This involves church volunteers who can be present so please make sure to have them in place before you begin this ministry. Use this information as you feel God is leading you and the congregation of which you are a part.” David Abbott, NH District Superintendent