West Angola Covenant

WHEREAS New England Annual Conference has no colleague relationship with any United Methodist Annual Conference outside the United States, and;

WHEREAS With the current emphasis on "Hope for the Children of Africa," a colleague relationship with West Angola Annual Conference will foster more potential personal connections in our fulfillment of our connectional responsibilities and;

WHEREAS Bishop Susan Hassinger and Diaconal Minister Dorothy McMahan on two separate trips visited Angola and had the joyous privilege of meeting and sharing with a number of our United Methodist sisters and brothers from the West Angola Annual Conference, and;

WHEREAS these visits had a deep transforming impact on them in terms of the exemplary spirituality and inspiring faith of our sisters and brothers in the West Angola Annual Conference in spite of the oppressive poverty and untold suffering they have experienced as a result of the brutal civil war in that country, and;

WHEREAS Bishop Emilio de Carvalho of The West Angola Conference has visited the New England Conference in February of 2000 and had the joy of meeting and sharing with New England United Methodists,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that a covenantal relationship be established between the West Angola Annual Conference and the New England Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church so that through the mutual sharing of resources as determined by each Conference in dialogue, by other agencies as agreed upon, by regular exchange visits, and by sister church connections between interested local churches in the two Conferences, the mission and ministry of Christ in both Conferences will be significantly enhanced, and,

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a covenantal relationship be established with the West Angola Annual Conference and that the Africa Task Force be the coordinating body in the New England Conference for the fulfillment of this covenant.


Emilio de Carvalho, Bishop of The West Angola Annual Conference

Susan Hassinger, Bishop of The New England, Annual Conference