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Logging in to the Portal

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Using the New England Conference People Portal you will be able create a log in that's unique to you and that you can use to access and review information in our Conference database — both your individual information and information about your church (through the Church Dashboard).

Who can access the People Portal?

Only people currently serving in the following positions will be able to log in using the portal:

  • Currently Appointed Clergy*
  • Pastor/Staff Parish Relations Chairs*
  • Treasurers*
  • Church/Admin Council Chairs 
  • Lay Leaders
  • Church Office Administrator
  • Retired Clergy** 
* People in these positions will also be able to view the benefits information and ACH Enrollment, Update and Cancelation Instructions described below
**Retired clergy (not appointed) can access contact information and Health Plan Deductions when applicable (click the link for more)

Reviewing your information

Church  information

The Church Dashboard allows you to view basic information about your church, your church's  leadership rolls, and benefits information to ensure that we have the correct, most up-to-date information in our database and on our website.

Once inside the Dashboard, you will be able to view the following information:

  • Church Information
  •  Leaders list
  •  Leaders list (printable)  

Having up-to-date information about our churches is essential to our internal record keeping.  It is also important for our Conference website where having the correct address and worship time/s,  links to your active social media, as well as correct contact information makes it easier for potential visitors to find you.  See your church information as it appears on our website

Benefits/billing information

The benefits/billing information in the Church Dashboard is a tool you can use to confirm your pastor’s appointment information and health insurance and pension benefit billing information when applicable.  

Click here to find further explanation of the information you'll find in the benefits section of the Dashboard.

Clergy changing appointments: Information for your new appointment will be visible on or around July 1. 

The content above is "read only."  See information below on making corrections

ACH information

Unlike the other the information accessed through the portal, content in the ACH system is interactive, and you will be able to edit and update it yourself.

Click the link to find a PDF with detailed instructions on how to enroll and make updates.

Individual  information

The People Portal also offers access to individual contact information. This content is "read only."  You will not be able to make any changes yourself.

** Retired Clergy — In addition to contact information, retired clergy, when applicable, are also able to review their Retiree Health Plan Deductions: The amount deducted from your monthly pension benefit check from Wespath Benefits and Investments that is applied to your New England Conference retiree health coverage.

Making corrections

If you see any information that needs to be corrected or updated (other than ACH), your District Administrative Assistant will be able to make those changes. Find your District Office contact information.

If you see benefits information that needs to be corrected or updated, contact Thelma Phelan, Benefits Assistant, at benefits-asst@neumc.org

Please help us keep our records up-to-date by informing us about any changes you make at the time you make them. In addition, we suggest that you review your church's information here at least once a year.