Volunteer Forms

When volunteering within the New England Conference, please complete the appropriate forms (links can be found at right) and return them as specified on each form.  

The team leader should retain the original and keep the forms with them at all times on the mission journey. If the team is split up into smaller crews, each crew leader should have a copy of the forms for those on their crew, in case of an emergency. 

If volunteering outside the New England Conference, the sponsoring organization may have its own release forms.  It also is recommended that individuals and teams purchase mission insurance through the Northeastern Jurisdiction of The UMC, even if a person has private health insurance.  Mission insurance may cover things not covered by personal health insurance, such as transporting remains back to the U.S. in case of a death while on a mission; it can also cover deductibles as a secondary insurance coverage.

The conference also provides a suggested release form to customize for your church-sponsored missions. We suggest that you ask your church attorney to review any customization before using the form.