Vital Conversations: Race

Resources: Vital Conversations 

See the videos played at Annual Conference

Meaningful Conversations About Race, Featuring Rev. Dr. Hooker (from Vital Conversations Series 1)

On White Privilege with Dr. Robin DiAngelo (from Vital Conversations Series 1)

See the discussion guide from the first series

Study Guide from Series 1

Find more in GORR’s Vital Conversations series

Vital Conversations Series 2

Vital Conversations Series 3

Another video resource used at Annual Conference 2017 was this one created by World Trust Educational Services:

Circle Process: World Trust video from New England Conference UMC on Vimeo.


About Vital Conversations

Circle Process was used at the 2017 Annual Conference session to explore the theme: "Vital Conversations: Race." 

Through its video series “Vital Conversations on Realities of Racism” the General Commission on Religion and Race (GCORR) has provided resources to facilitate, guide, and support discussions on racism and offer ways to move to "efficacy, justice, and courageous positive action." These materials were the basis for the 2017 Annual Conference Circle Process.

Of course these table conversations were just a starting point. Each member of Annual Conference was given DVD copies of the GCORR videos and study guides for each to help facilitate the continuation of these Vital Conversations across our Conference.

Also used at Annual Conference 2017 was a video produced by World Trust Educational Services (, which provided the video (below right). 

Links to all these resources can be found at right.

If your church would like some assistance in exploring how best to utilize these materials, the Rev. Barbara Lemmel, member of the Circle Process Team, can help. Reach her at or (802) 881-3267.

Visit our Circle Process page to find information and videos with specifics on what Circle Process is and how it works.