Updating Church Information

People Portal/Church Dashboard

The Church Dashboard allows you to view basic information about your church, your church's  leadership rolls, and benefits information to ensure that information in the database and on the  NE Annual Conference website is accurate.  Via the People Portal, you will be able create a log in that's unique to you and that you can use to access the Church Dashboard. 

To review your church’s information that displays on the Conference website, go to www.neumc.org and click on Churches in the red menu banner.  Send updates to CWDistrict@neumc.org  

Items to check:

  • Contact Information
  • Worship Times (can add multiple Worship and Sunday School times)
  • Church Website address
  • Social Media Presence (can add these links)
  • Photo of church building
  • Accessibility information such as ramp, lift, fully ADA
  • Directions (will connect to Google to display a map)