Appointment Transition Workshop

Managing the Change of Pastor
with Grace, Gratitude, & Hope

Please read this letter from Bishop Devadhar which includes a transition calendar which you are encouraged to use: Letter from Bishop Devadhar.
The Benefits Department has information to help clergy and local church treasurers with appointment transitions. Click here for a checklist and  information on pension, ACH, and more.
Transition Workshops

Attendance at a transition workshop is an important piece of a successful pastoral transition. Two workshops have been scheduled for 2022. Each will be held by Zoom.  Full-time pastors and at least one member of the SPRC for congregations that are being served by full-time pastors are required to attend one of these.  Part-time pastors and at least one member of the SPRC for congregations that are being served by part-time pastors are strongly encouraged to attend one of these.


Transition Notebook

Below are three sections of a virtual notebook (download, save the links, or print as desired). Section Three is provided in 3 parts below because of size:

Sections One & Two (Note: Accompanying material for Section One is in the PowerPoint slide handout above)
Updated information for Section Three:

Frequently requested documents from the Notebook

Information for Clergy Changing Appointments

The New England Conference Benefits Office has a webpage for clergy changing appointments.

Pastoral Transitions during COVID19

To help congregations and pastors transition successfully in these challenging times, the Lewis Center is offering the The Right Start - Beginning Ministry in a New Setting COVID-19 Supplement  free-of-charge. It can be viewed on the site as well as downloaded.  This article also addresses some COVID-19 issues and appointment changes: Effective Pastoral Transitions in the Time of COVID-19.