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The Benefits Department offers this  important information for pastors who are changing appointments. Most of this information can be found in other areas of the site; it has been compiled here to make it as convenient as possible.



Treasurer and Pastor Checklist
The Treasurer's Checklist is designed to help churches and pastors with appointment changes be sure they have completed all the necessary benefits paperwork. 
United Methodist Personal Investment Plan/Clergy Retirement Security Program
Clergy who are making a change to or just starting their United Methodist Personal Investment Plan (UMPIP) or who are going to a new church and wish to continue their UMPIP in their new appointment, will need to fill out a Contribution Election form for Wespath Benefits and Investments.  
Clergy Retirement Security Program
Eligible clergy can earn an additional 1% matching contribution to their Clergy Retirement Security Program (CRSP) DC account by contributing at least 1% of their plan compensation to the UMPIP. 
Click the links below for more: 
At-a-Glance - CRSP
Pension Calculator
Developed by the Conference Benefits office, the 2021 Calculator is an Excel spreadsheet designed to assist local church treasurers with calculating the Pension/Death & Disability Billing Rate for clergy. (Be sure to enable editing once you've downloaded the calculator).  
For an example of how the 2021 pension is calculated click 2021 pension calculation example
This information can also be found with our Church Treasurer's Handbook here




2021 Health Insurance and Copay Rate Information   
Moving: Reporting moving expense payments for clergy
It is important and necessary for local churches to report any moving expense payments made to, or on behalf of, active clergy to the Conference for benefit calculation purposes. If local churches fail to report moving expense payments, clergy may receive fewer benefits than they are entitled to.
What to report:



Automatic Clearing House (ACH) Forms
Churches receive a discount for making payments through Automatic Clearing House (ACH). The necessary authorization forms are available by clicking the links below.
By signing and submitting the ACH Authorization, the NEC is authorized to make changes to your deductions due to pastoral changes during the plan year.  This authority remains in effect until reasonable notification has been given to terminate the authorization, or until the specified end date of authorization.
Note: These are links to the electronic versions of the authorization forms. 


Hard copy paper forms and other ACH forms can be found in the Form Finder