Temperature Sensor program

To help prevent water damage losses from frozen pipes, the 2019 Annual Conference approved requiring all churches* to have a Temperature Sensor and Water Detection Monitor in their buildings.

Temperature Sensors are offered to New England Conference churches at no cost  by our insurance carrier Church Mutual.  

The equipment helps to monitor room temperature, pipe temperature, and detect the presence of water on the floor.  

The Conference Insurance Committee will send you a $100 bonus once you have installed and activated this equipment.  

To sign up, you will need your Church Mutual account number.  Please contact our insurance broker Patty Smith at Fred C. Church for this. (See contact info at right.)  

Once you have your account number, you can sign up through the Church Mutual web site to have the sensors shipped to you: https://www.churchmutual.com/sensors/

For information on registration, installation, activation, and verification that the units are functioning:

The sensors are very easy to install.  There is a “gateway” that needs to be plugged in, but also has a battery backup.  The sensors are battery powered and can be attached to a wall or just placed in a room.  Informational videos can be found on the Church Mutual website.

The Monitoring and Support Center is available 24/7 to assist with your equipment. Call (844) 863-4646 or visit https://www.churchmutual.com/sensors/help.cfm

*Churches are exempt from this requirement and can opt out if ...

  • you have no water in your building.
  • your church does not have adequate cell phone service.
  • you already have a similar system operating in your church building.

Please inform our insurance broker if you are opting out by completing this opt-out form.