Strategic Planning CMA District Committee on Superintendency

CMA District Committee on Superintendency      2012 Strategic Planning       DRAFT

A HEALTHY GARDEN: A model for Faithful discipleship






How can our District support pastors and churches to prepare for faithful discipleship?


How can our District collaborate with pastors and churches to initiate new ministries?

How can our District encourage churches toward deeper discipleship?

What are the expected outcomes envisioned for this strategy?

Below are three primary needs we believe the District Superintendent and District Teams should address in the next three years.

Identify strong churches, large and small, for site visits.
Create or strengthen clusters.
Encourage effective lay participation in worship.
More certified lay speakers and candidates for ministry.
Identify receptive churches and leaders who seek revitalization.
Offer strategic tools and training events that will help churches begin/continue to live into faithful discipleship
Encourage effective ministry with children and youth.
Revitalized churches changing the world with Christ.
Build communication and connection among leaders in District for mutual coaching.
Appoint faithful and effective pastors.
Explore more shared ministries among churches.
Healthier congregations with fewer damaging internal conflicts.
To Start New Church.
Starting a New Church.
New places for new people.
Encourage and support Accountable Discipleship.
Initiate ways to share good ideas.
Encourage better follow-up systems in churches.
Faithful disciples.
Small group training and cooperative ministry programs.
Counsel and train clergy toward greater effectiveness.
Changed Attitudes.