The New England Conference has a long-standing relationship with Steeplecom, Inc. of Ashby, MA, and many Conference churches have opted to be the location of wireless communication antennas in return for a monthly payment from the wireless company/companies.

Steeplecom brings a high level of expertise to advocate on behalf of the local church.  Steeplecom has devised a system that recognizes and accommodates the needs of both the local church and the wireless industry. The system provides the carriers with what they need, but in a manner that is consistent with the church's mission.  Steeplecom’s system also provides the knowledge base for churches to make wise decisions concerning complex transactions with wireless carriers.

In November 2016, General Council on Finance and Administration entered into an agreement with Steeplecom. Moses Kumar, GCFA General Secretary, said “We believe that the Steeplecom program can generate revenues to support mission and ministry of local churches. Steeplecom is a fully vetted vendor that is committed to providing services to churches that enable them to increase funding for local church ministries.”

Visit the Steeplecom website to learn more, and, feel free to contact Steeplecom directly when you’re ready.

Remember: Any long-term lease agreement such as this requires the approval of your district superintendent.

If you have questions, you can also contact the Conference Treasurer at