Statistical Reporting


Conference Statistician Joy Mueller


Generic UMC Blank Form with Line Explanations 

Federated Blank Form (fillable PDF)

Federated Blank Form (printable)

ACStats Orientation PowerPoint (PDF)

  • These slides review points made in the video at left and answer many frequently asked questions

Guidance for counting online worship attendance

  • Recommendations from GCFA on how to effectively count online worship attendance

People Portal webpage

Each year, all local churches – both United Methodist and federated — are required to submit a statistical report. The report is a numerical summary of membership, worship, attendance, our ministries, our spending and income and more for the previous calendar year.

It is the responsibility of the pastor to complete the report on time and accurately.

This page offers information and resources to help you with that reporting process. 
for submitting statistics is Feb. 14 each year

ACStats Video Tutorial

In the video below, Conference Statistician Joy Mueller reviews how to access and use the new statistics system ACStats.

This system, administered by the General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA), replaces the EZRA system.