Solar power for churches through SonPower

Over the past few years, the New England Conference has received several inquiries about installing solar power systems at churches.

Deploying solar power can be a responsible demonstration of stewardship (both environmental and financial), and we encourage congregations to explore this option. (Note: Any proposals to “go solar” require the approval of the District Superintendent.)

The Conference’s Council on Finance and Administration has endorsed Massachusetts-based SonPower, LLC  as a resource for congregations seeking to install solar power systems. Tom Moylan, a managing partner at SonPower, is also the President/CEO of SteepleCom, Inc.

Through the SonPower program, churches may be able to install a solar power system with no up-front costs. More details on the program can be found on the company’s website (click on the link above).

SonPower has built in a missional component to its model.  According to the company’s website, “We tithe 10% of our program revenue to provide solar power projects for facilities such as health clinics, public water supplies, and schools in developing nations.”

To learn more, visit or contact SonPower at (978) 827-0474 or via email at