Seacoast District Leadership

2022 Seacoast Leadership 

District Lay Leaders

Para 660     Criteria:  Professing member of a Local Church, provide training of local church lay leaders, responsible for fostering awareness of the role of the laity both within the congregation and through their ministries in the home, workplace, community and world.  Shall be elected to AC for not less than 4 years.

  • District Co-Lay Leaders: Deb Grehn, Stephanie Cyr, Dan Genannt

District Leadership TeamMeets 3x, one in longer retreat & planning format, one calendar/coordination; one leadership development/nominations Convener: ______________

District Lay Servant Ministries Committee 

Para: 668   Criteria: Able to plan, supervise programs in the district, including Lay Servant Ministry and Certified Lay Ministry.   Members include DLL, DS, and Instructor of LS courses. 

  • Stephanie Cyr (Co-Director para. 668)
  • Ruth Koha James (Co-Director para. 668)
  • Charlene Fiore (Registrar)
  • Jen Jordan (Ex-officio)
  • Huxley Conklin
  • Pastor Ginny Doran
  • Charlene Fiore
  • Brigita Naegeli
  • Comfort Leonard
  • Rev. Neil (Sandy) Sweet
  • Pastor Sieglinde Rogers
  • Wendy Young

Ex Officio:  Rev. Wanda Santos Perez, District Superintendent 

Committee on the District Superintendency

Para 669­­­­­­­­­­     Criteria: Membership should be - 11 members, including DLL, 2 persons appt. by DS, 2 laywomen, 2 laymen, 2 clergy, 2 alternatives. All laypersons shall be professing members active in a local church.   At least three of the eleven shall be clergy and seven shall be laypersons. PURPOSE: shall be to support the DS in the oversight of the spiritual and temporal affairs of the church with special reference to the district where the DS has responsibilities.

  • Deb Grehn (Co-Lay Leader)
  • Stephanie Cyr (Co-Lay Leader)
  • Rev. Heather Bailes Baker
  • Rev. Rodney Dobbs
  • Rev. Tom Gallen
  • Dam Genannt
  • Rev. Jeonghwan Kim
  • Lisa Marciniak
  • Rev. Jean Marsh

Ex Officio:  Rev. Wanda Santos Perez, District Superintendent 

District Ministry Team:   

Plans and Implements events:  evangelical, worship, educational, fellowship so that churches and their leaders are inspired and equipped to seek and serve Christ with excellence.

  • Rev. Sharon Baker
  • Huxley Conklin
  • Pastor Juhee Lee
  • Rev. Abiot Moyo
  • Erin Richter

Ex Officio:  Rev. Wanda Santos Perez, District Superintendent 

District Finance Team:     Mission Share Relief monitoring,  1-2 Equitable Compensation monitor            

  • Rev. Louise Dumas
  • Dan Genannt
  • Kim Grehn

Ex Officio:  Rev. Wanda Santos Perez, District Superintendent 

District Board of Church Location and Building

Para: 2518 & 2519  Criteria: 6 Minimum /9 Maximum:  1/3 Clergy; 1/3 Laymen; 1/3 Laywomen

Clergy :

  • Rev. Neil (sandy) Sweet (Co-Chair)
  • Sieglinde Rogers (Co-Chair)
  • Pastor Ginny Doran
  • Rev. Althea Jackson
  • Rev. Abiot Moyo

Lay Members:

  • Stephanie Cyr
  • Jordan Fiore, Esq.
  • Deb Grehn
  • Johnell Norton (CLM)
  • Twiggy Sylvia Medeiros
  • Andrea Perry
  • Dick Taylor

Pastor David Martin Seacoast district shepherd to conference trustees

Ex Officio:  Rev. Wanda Santos Perez, District Superintendent 

 District Committee on Ordained Ministry

  • Para 666   At least 3 professing members of local churches, a representative from Board of Ordained Ministry; District Superintendent, at least 6 other clergy – elders & deacons, a deacon or elder age 35 or younger, an associate member, and one local pastor who has completed Course of Study. 
  • Rev. Heathr Bailes Baker (Co-Chair)
  • Rev. Janet Deranian (Co-Registrar)
  • Rev. Beverly Stenmark (Co-Registrar)
  • Rev. Ellen Casey (Secretary)
  • Rev. Tom Bentum (Liaison to BOM)
  • Rev. Barry Burdick
  • Rev. Tom Blackstone
  • Rev. Dr. Dianne Carpenter
  • Rev. Rodney Dobbs
  • Pastor Tryphena Evans
  • Johnna Kosnoff
  • Rev. John Mueller
  • Johnell Norton (CLM)