Resources for Times of Tragedy

As we seek to bear witness to Christian hope in the face of such tragedy, these resources may help you talk with the children, youth and adults.

The Discipleship Ministries ministries with children has a great many resources for how to speak with parents and children as well as prayers and hymns.

The late Fred Rogers, "Mr. Rogers," wrote a gentle, wise piece on helping children deal with crisis and tragedy. It is as helpful today as when it was originally written.

PBS offers some helpful guidelines for talking with children about events in the news.

A Children's Chaplain offers this helpful article for What Not to Say to Children.

Here is a listing of books for children, youth and adults to help children and youth deal with grief, violence and loss that should be in your Church library.

My colleague Sharon Pearson, at Church Publishing (the Episcopal Church's publishing house), compiled an excellent list of resources for pastors and educators following the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks. She has continued to update this information, and she has generously shared these resources: Minstering in a Torn World.

The Washington Theological Consortium published "Religion and Gun Violence," which provides links to each denomination's resources and position papers on gun legislation.There are some GREAT resources here for encouraging conversation in your congregations!

I am sure I join you in praying for the day when violence no longer destroys lives precious to our Lord Jesus. 

Grace and peace,

Dr. Elizabeth Windsor