Resources for Adult Education

Christian education is a birth-to-death journey. As we grow through the life cycle, our faith grows too. In the same way that Christian educators nurture the faith formation of children and youth, we also need to offer the adults of our congregation materials and courses that invite them to more deeply explore and nurture their adult faith. 
On this page you will find some materials that will help you understand the adult learner and explore some curricula that will help you plan for meaningful adult education in your congregation.

Adult Education Information and Resources

  • For an introduction the adult learner, click here.
  • For an overview of adult curricula, click here
  • For more information on adult faith formation, click here.
Did you know that United Methodist Communications offers online learning for members of your congregation and for educators as well? Newcomers to your pews or those just needing a review of United Methodist beliefs will find United Methodist Basics a helpful (and free) introduction to Wesleyan beliefs, theology, worship and connection. There are also courses that will help your congregation develop a web ministry and much more.