Imagine No Malaria has developed a series of resources for the 2015 Lenten season, including this video: 

Click here to find more Lenten worship resources.

There are many resources to help churches and individuals participate in all the focus areas of the Imagine No Malaria campaign: prevention, education, communication and treatment

Online Resources

Some current resources for local churches to use for the INM campaign are available here. Watch for more resources available soon, or click here for the main resource page on the Imagine No Malaria site.

  • A B&W Poster File that can be blown up to poster board size for about $3.50 at Staples.  Make a great large and inexpensive impact in your church or community!

  • This INM Project File from Aldersgate UMC in Chelmsford, MA is a summary of the Advent Conspiracy theme used last Advent. Aldergate raised over $8600 in this relatively simple event, and is still the church that has raised the most money for Imagine No Malaria so far!  We are sharing this idea, and hope your church can try this to benefit Imagine No Malaria.

  • Pipe Cleaner Mosquitoes - a card with instructions for the pipe cleaner mosquitos showcased at Annual Conference - a real fun project for all ages.  Some churches have sold them or used them to challenge creative thinking!

  • Ambassador Manual – an overview of the campaign and ways to save lives (PDF)

  • Activity Flyer – list of projects and ideas for supporting Imagine No Malaria (PDF)

  • Imagine No Malaria Presentation  - a powerpoint to introduce the campaign to your church or small group (PPT)

  • “Don’t Bite Me” – a children’s book written and illustrated Sarah Ames, New England Conference

  • Worship Resources –  inspiring prayers and sermon samples (PDF)

  • Children's Lessons – Curricula to help those working or volunteering in children's ministry to introduce children to the ministries of Imagine No Malaria (PDF)

Additional children’s activities and Lenten devotions available upon request.

Working side-by-side

We are not alone. Imagine No Malaria has partners to help make beating malaria a reality. We are working to beat this disease through our INM efforts together with local communities, national departments of health, other nonprofit organizations. We work with organizations who are global leaders in the fight against malaria and other diseases of poverty, like: