Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive others.    Matthew 6:12
Dear Friends,

One of my daily devotions is from Father Richard Rohr, This week, he is writing about forgiveness. I think that next to God's love, forgiveness is one of the most important things we need to know and practice as Christians. And my goodness, isn't it hard to do! 
    While we humans are made in God's image and capable of such beautiful, loving acts, we are also inevitably going to make mistakes. As Father Rohr states, we want to separate the good people from the evil people but that is impossible. We are all both loving and prone to sin. 
   In this time of division and divisiveness, the only way we are going to survive is by sharing God's grace with one another. We need to make a practice of forgiving each other and vowing to love each other even when we disagree. This will not always be easy, but I believe that it will show the world how to live. 
   If you have offended someone recently or long ago, today is a good day to ask for forgiveness. If someone has offended you, it is a good day to forgive them. Our relationships with each other are more important than being right. Let us all vow to love a bit more perfectly today. It will not only bring peace to the world, it will bring peace to our own hearts.

Fall blessings, Jackie