Reduce Insurance Costs

Church Mutual Temperature Sensor Program

This is a free program inviting churches to install temperature sensors that automatically monitor temperatures in the building and alert designated church members of low temperatures in the building that could lead to freezing pipes and then flooding.

Half of the claims reported to Church Mutual have to do with frozen pipes and flooding. This is a program to help alleviate some or all of that. The sensor kit is not only free, but upon installation, the church will receive $100 reward! (Note: churches that do not install sensors by the end of 2020 will be penalized by Church Mutual.)

Functional Replacement cost property insurance

This is a program that considers the shrinking size of our congregations. If the existing church burned to the ground, would the current congregation desire to rebuild it the same as it was, or, replace it with a building that is more functional for them?

Functional Replacement allows for the 2nd option by offering a lesser insurance rate. It may sound confusing, but for some churches concerned about rising costs, it's worth considering. Click here to download the Functional Replacement application.

The New England Conference Trustees want to help you reduce the cost of insurance.  Both of these programs are from Fred C. Church. If you have questions, you are welcome to contact Vermont representative on the Conference Trustees,  Rev. Paul Hoffman at