2021 Pre-Conference Materials

Pre-Conference Materials

The Pre-Conference Materials include proposed legislation, the proposed 2022 Conference Budget, and Reports from Conference boards and agencies and others as well as other information about the Annual Conference session.

Pre-Conference Materials Free PDF

Click the link below for a downloadable PDF. The download is free

Find the Pre-Conference Materials PDF here

Removal from Consent Calendar form

Find a fillable PDF version of this form. The standard form is included in the Pre-Conference Materials PDF and bound booklet.

To remove an item/s from the Consent Calendar the signed form must be returned to the Conference Secretary by 5 p.m. on June 4, 2021.  

Pre-Conference Materials bound booklet

The Pre-Conference Materials can also be ordered as a spiral-bound booklet from on-demand printer LuLu.com. The cost is $11.12 plus tax and shipping. 

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2022 Comprehensive Benefit Funding Plan Report

This is the report referenced in RS-21-110 (pages 57-58 of the Pre-Conference Materials).
Click the link to get the PDF

Pre-Conference Conversations


Above is a recording of the May 25, 2021 Pre-Conference Conversation around disaffiliation
Above is a recording of the May 27, 2021 Pre-Conference Conversation around the
proposed 2022 budget and other legislation. 

2022 Proposed Budget

At the link below, find the 2022 proposed budget (also included in the Pre-Conference Materials) and a video reviewing highlights of the 2022 proposed budget presented by the Conference Council on Finance and Administration, Trustees and Connectional Table.