Vermont District welcomes new DS

Rev. Colley Robinson's daughter Chelsea Robinson plays the cello.

Isaiah Robinson and his father, John-Eric Robinson, serve as ushers.

Rev. Kirk Thompson

Tim Hess

The Korean Pastors Choir performs "Climbin' Up the Mountain."

Reading the Scripture are Julie Waldron and Emily Pettus

Rev. Jill Colley Robinson

Bishop Sudarshana Devadhar

The Extended Cabinet and Rev. Colley Robinson's family pray for her.

The Covenant Service with Tricia Waldron, Vermont District Lay Leader.

Dean of the Cabinet, Rev. Rene Perez, welcomes Rev. Colley Robinson.

Rev. Colley Robinson's parents, husband and children.

Ashley Dubois presents the Bible.

Liz Dallas presents the water.

Rev. SangChurl Bae presents the bread and cup.

Evie Doyon presents the UM Hymnal and Book of Worship.

Rev. Sheri Smith presents the towel and basin.

Rev. Megan Stowe, presents the stole.

Pastor Tom Atkins presents the Book of Discipline.

Pastor Bumshik Min presents the globe.

Rev. Doni Copenhaver

Melissa Dickerson performs "Up to the Mountain."