New Hampshire DS installation

Rev. Victoria Wood Parrish reads Exodus 3:1-14

Catherine Gaffey reads Isaiah 42:1-9

Rev. Dwight Haynes said he has served eight bishops and 16 DSs.

The Korean Pastors Choir sing "Prayer of St. Francis"

Rev. Peter Hey reads John 21:15-19

Bishop Sudarshana Devadhar.

Rev. Kang's daughter Julie and wife, Mina.

The bishop, cabinet and lay leaders lay hands on Rev. Kang

Rev. Rene Perez, Dean of the Cabinet, welcomes Rev. Kang.

District Lay Leader Karen Cassidy leads the Covenant Service.

Betsey Peale presents the Bible.

Pastor Regina Bowler presents the water

Rev. Patricia Williams presents the bread and cup.

Pastor Clint Brake presents the hymnal and Book of Worship.

Pastor Sean Delmore presents the towel and basin.

Roger Kleinpeter presents the stole.

Rev. Becca Girrell presents the Book of Discipline.

Kathy Smith presents the globe.

Rev. Dwight Haynes presents the symbol of the district: A piece of granite shaped like NH.

Rev. Kang donned his eclipse glasses. He saw the eclipse in North Carolina during the DS training.