AC 17 photos: Thursday afternoon

The Rev. Barbara Lemmel, Circle Process Team leader, introduces the Circle Process - Vital Conversations: Race

Members of the Circle Process Team for this year's Annual Conference.

Circle Process conversations

Circle Process conversations

Board of Laity member Bonnie-jean Rowe

Sara Ames and Stephanie Cyr offer the opening prayer at the Laity Session.

Dr. Glory E. Dharmaraj, Bible study leader, and Conference Lay Leader Rene Wilbur

The district lay leaders were introduced.

Conference Lay Leader Rene Wilbur greets the laity.

Dr. Glory E. Dharmaraj led the Bible study on Psalm 137 from which the AC17 guiding Scripture passage is drawn.

W. Pearl Wilkinson opened the Vital Conversations on race at the Laity Session.

Won Park shared the Vital Conversation celebrating differences.

Bonnie-jean Rowe led the conversation on Celebrating Sameness.

Bobbi Bragan on Coming Together as One

Leadership Nominations Chair Bonnie Marden encouraged laity to get involved in Conference leadership.

Deaconesses Bobbi Bragan, Fay Flanary and Jana Marie Whitten are introduced.

Cheryl Nolan talked to the laity about Mission u, which is coming up in July.

Bonnie-jean Rowe, LaVergne Randolph, and Dan Genannt share information about the Road to Emmaus.

Laity were given hardcover notebooks in appreciation for their work for the conference and the church.