2017 Preachers' Aid Society luncheon for clergy

Wesley Palmer, executive director.

Board of Ordained Ministry Co-Chair Mark Demers

Society Board Vice President Paul Parks Jr.

Bishop Sudarshana Devadhar

50 years since ordination: Carol Borland, Clark Callender, Keith Rae and Richard Thompson

2017 Ordinands Cheryl Meachen and Preston Lee Fuller.

Retirees Wendy Alley and Krisann Byrne-Scheri.

Retiree Christine Elliot

Retirees Debra Hanson and Henry James

Retiree Brigid Farrell

Retiree Mark Monson Alley

Retiree Cynthia Nickerson

Retiree Gerine Piper

2017 New England Conference retirees

2017 Taylor Fellow Deborah Shipp

2017 Taylor Fellow Ronald Messer

2017 Taylor Fellow Stephen Melius

The Taylor family with this year's honorees.

Rebecca Hewett is retiring from the society after 12 years.

Karen Ruggiero, left, will succeed Rebecca Hewett at the Preachers' Aid Society.