Sunday worship at Bupyeong Methodist Church, Korea

The church was in the midst of a membership drive and offered gifts to new members.

Choir practice.

The youth worship in a smaller sanctuary.

The bell tower.

The detailed schedule for the 300 Sunday School teachers at Bupyeong.

There are 1,097 Korean missionaries serving in 75 countries including the United States.

A Sunday School class.

The parking garage includes a turn table for rotating cars into position for the elevator, which takes them to the upper floors.

The very clean, bright parking garage is a way of greeting guests, say church pastors, because it is the first thing people see when they arrive.

The church laundry facilities.

Members of the congregation greet the New England pilgrims after the service.

The church orchestra and choir.

Bishop Devadhar preaching at the 11:30 a.m. service. RISEM DS Seok Hwan Hong translates.

The ushers collecting the offering wear traditional Korean dress.

A meal served after the service.