2016 NEUMC Pilgrimage to South Korea - Sept. 21

Wedding Chapel at our host church, Bupyeong Methodist Church in Incheon, South Korea

Rev. Eun Pa Hong, senior pastor of Bupyeong Methodist Church, has a collection of figurines and toys that are displayed in the room used to count the offerings. The collection is brought out each Christmas for the children to see.

In one of the church's conference rooms, Rev. Hong noted that church meetings last no more than 20 minutes (though the preparation for a meeting takes much longer).

some of the paintings on display at Bupyeong Methodist Church.

Sights in Seoul

It seems everyone really does run on Dunkin'

Chung Dong First Methodist Church is the church founded by Methodist Missionary Rev. Henry Gerhard Appenzeller.

A bust of Rev. Appenzeller outside the church,

The Centennial Tower at the church founded by Methodist Missionary Henry Appenzeller.

Inside the sanctuary at Chung Dong First Methodist Church

NE clergywomen pose with the Rev. Sandra Kim Chong-ah, the only ordained female pastor serving a church in South Korea. Rev. Chong-ah served as translator during our visit to First Methodist Church.

Seoul Tower is a communication and observation tower located on Namsan Mountain in central Seoul, the capital of South Korea.

View from the approach to Seoul Tower.

A traditional military demonstration was set to follow the drum performance.

Views from Seoul Tower

Lunch was bibimbap (which means mixed rice) a bowl of warm white rice with namul (sauteed and seasoned vegetables) and gochujang (chili pepper paste).