Installation Service for Many Waters DS

Rev. Arlene Tully delivered her sermon titled "Rummage Sale."

Clergy and laity gathered at Brunswick UMC in Maine.

Rev. Sharon Lovejoy, pastor of Brunswick UMC, brings greetings.

Rev. Kathleen Decker Szakas of Cape Elizabeth UMC

Carol Cruthers, District Co-Lay Leader

The choir from Pleasant Street UMC in Waterville, ME, performed the anthem.

Rev. Jill Colley Robinson, Green Mountain DS and Dean of the Cabinet

Rev. Arlene Tully became Many Waters DS on July 1, 2022.

Bishop Sudarshana Devadhar and Rev. Jill Colley Robinson introduced Rev. Tully

Bishop Devadhar thanked Rev. Tully for answering the call to superintendency.

Members of the Extended Cabinet and Committee on Superintendency participate in the anointing of Rev. Tully

Symbols of superintendency: The Bible, presented by Pastor Bo Landsberg

Symbols of superintendency: Water presented by Rev. Elizabeth Bachelder Smith

Symbols of superintendency: Bread and Cup presented by Rev. Gil and Pastor Hannah Lee

Symbols of superintendency: Hymnal and Book of Worship presented by Rich Hughen, Conference Lay Leader

Symbols of superintendency: Towel and Basin presented by David Robbin, member of Green Street UMC in Augusta, ME

Symbols of superintendency: A stole presented by Sheen SaintPaul, a member of Epiphany UMC in South Portland, ME

Symbols of superintendency: The Book of Discipline presented by District AA Lori Umberhind and Nali

Symbols of superintendency: Globe presented by Shawna La Chance, a member of Pleasant Street UMC in Waterville, ME

The Bishop presents Rev. Tully and Nali, who is a ADI-certified Facility Dog.

Bishop Devadhar and Rev. Tully serve Communion

Bishop Devadhar and Rev. Tully serve Communion

Rev. Tully greets members after the service

Rev. Tully and Nali greet members after the service