DS David Calhoun Farewell

Organist James Russell

From left: Host Pastor Michele Melia, District Committee on Superintendency Chair Linda Cole and District Co-Lay Leader Dan Genannt

Featured singers Heidi FIoire, left, and Amanda Beaulieu.

Prema and Bishop Devadhar with Dr. Calhoun and his family.

Rev. Dr. David V. Calhoun

Dr. Calhoun's message was titled "A Voice, A Place, A People."

Cellist Aaron Guren, violinist Rev. Juhee Lee and pianist Kyung Lee perform

Pastor Wanda Greaves presents a photo of former NY Yankee Derrick Jeter to Dr. Calhoun, a Red Sox fan.

Rev. Dr. Bob Jon, one of the guest speakers, presents a gift to Dr. Calhoun

Pastor Karen Lilli Pax offers testimony and appreciation.

Rev. Effie McAvoy offered appreciation to Dr. Calhoun and to his family for their many sacrifices on his behalf.

Cabinet colleague Rev. Dr. Jackie Brannen shared stories.

District Administrative Assistant JoAnn Watson, center, was honored.

Bishop Sudarshana Devadhar offered his appreciation.

Rev. Jill Colley Robinson, Cabinet Dean, offered a baseball-themed appreciation.

Communion was led by Pastor Laurie Percival Pauley.

Rev. Dr. Abiot Moyo leads a prayer of thanksgiving.

Dr. Calhoun greets well-wishers

Rev. McAvoy, Dr. Calhoun and JoAnn Watson