Ordination and Commissioning Class of 2020

2020 ordinands - Kathleen Decker Szakas, SeokCheol Shin, Shannon Keeney, Bishop Devadhar, Sheri Smith and Natalie Hill

2020 commissionees Sunjae Lee, Ashley Johnson, Sooyoun Kim, Alicia Velez Stewart, Bishop Devadhar, Adama Brown, Adam Randazzo. Absent Brian Hyungsuk Choi

Tracy Tarver-Weisel, left, and Wanda Winnicki with Bishop Devadhar. They were commissioned as deaconesses.

The baptismal font contained water from all six New England states and was placed in individual bottles so ordinands could take it back to their congregations.

Tracy Tarver-Weisel commissioned as a deaconess

Wanda Winnicki commissioned as a deaconess

Adama Brown

Ashley Johnson

Sooyoun Kim

Sunjae Lee

Adam Randazzo

Alicia Velez Stewart

Brian Hyungsuk Choi

Natalie Hill

Natalie Hill, ordained as a deacon

Sheri Smith

Sheri Smith, ordained as a deacon

Kathleen Decker Szakas

Kathleen Decker Szakas, ordained as an elder

Shannon Keeney

Shannon Keeney, ordained as an elder

SeokCheol Shin

SeokCheol Shin, ordained as an elder