NEJ Lay Leaders Gathering

Rich Shaffer, lay leader from the W Virginia Conference, on his "donkey" during the morning devotional.

Rich Shaffer, lay leader from the W Virginia Conference, asked "Are you willing to get off your donkey to help your neighbor?"

New England Conference Lay Leader Rene Wilbur.

Board of Laity member Bonnie-jean Rowe talked about the gathering theme "Going Deeper; Growing Stronger" focusing on prayer stations.

Bonnie-jean Rowe set up prayer stations for the lay leaders to try and use as inspiration.

John Konieczny, NEJ Lay Leader, introduces the keynote speaker. Konieczny is lay leader of the Susquehanna Conference.

Keynote presenter Kay Kotan, co-author of "IMPACT! Reclaiming the Call of Lay Ministry"

Bishop Sudarshana Devadhar greets the lay leaders. He offered a Bible study on the Lord's Prayer.

Tri-State District co-Lay Leader Rich Hughen asked leaders to share ideas "that worked for us."

As lay leaders shared ideas that worked in their churches, districts or conferences, this tree filled with leaves.

Lay leaders share ideas that worked in their contexts.

Marie MacDougall adds a leaf to the idea tree.

Susan G. Hardy, Lay Leader in Upper New York, shares with the group.

Connecticut-Western MA District Superintendent David Calhoun welcomes the lay leaders to the district. Photo by Rich Hughen.

Lay Leaders worshiped with the Trinity UMC congregation on Sunday morning. Photo by Rich Hughen.

Participants shared in a Simple Church dinner church worship on Friday. Photo by Rich Hughen.

Performance by pianist Robert Wyatt. Photo by Rich Hughen.