AC 2018: Friday photos

Mid-Maine District Superintendent Karen Munson introduces Bible study - calling it "the very best" of Annual Conference.

2018 guest preacher Rev. Dr. Robert Allan Hill led Bible study Friday morning. You can hear an excerpt in the Friday recap story.

It was a full house at the Friday Bible Study on Galatians 3:28

Opening worship

Youth member Brianna Goldblatt read the scripture during morning worship.

2018 guest preacher Rev. Dr. Robert Allan Hill's sermon for morning worship was titled "Sweet Chariot."

AC members did some tai chi during stretch breaks - watch them in action in a video on our Facebook page.

The directors of the Conference's Camp and Retreat centers gave the blessing for lunch.

Joy Mueller, Conference statistician, gave members a quiz on New England Conference by the numbers during her annual report.

Cabinet Dean Rene Perez gave the State of the Cabinet report on behalf of the Appointive Cabinet.

Three churches were honored with One Matters Awards from Discipleship Ministries.

Dan Dolan, executive director of the Nicaragua Covenant, spoke of the crisis that nation is experiencing while presenting the resolution to renew the covenant, which was adopted.

Rules Committee Chair Lourey Savick and committee member Ken Mantler present the resolutions brought by the committee. Three of the four were adopted; one will be addressed on Saturday.

The ordinands answer the historical questions.

Passing the mantle, the retirees anointed the ordinands.

Passing the mantle, the retirees anointed the ordinands.

The youth members of Annual Conference offered the blessing for dinner with a call and response cheer G-R-A-C-E.