2018 Preachers' Aid Society lunch for clergy

Wes Palmer, Preachers' Aid executive director.

Charlotte Pridgen-Randolph, co-chair of the Board of Ordained Ministry.

Stephen Vincent, board chair, Preachers' Aid Society

Bishop Sudarshana Devadhar

This year, the Rev. Carl Siktberg gave the society the largest single gift in its 186-year history when he donated $587,338.60 to the endowment.

50 years of ordained ministry honorees David Hunter, left, and Bruce Pehrson

Five of the seven members of this year's class of ordinands.

John, Lois and Herb Taylor announce this year's Taylor Fellowship honorees.

Taylor Fellowship honoree Rev. Carol Borland

Taylor Fellowship honoree Rev. Sam Johnson

Taylor Fellowship honoree Rev. Carroll Moore

Members of the Camp and Retreat Ministries Executive Board Garvin Warden and Karen Pehrson, chair, asked clergy to share their knowledge about our camps history.

Six members of this year's class of retirees; there are 14 clergy retiring this year.