Holy Land Pilgrimage - the Hope School

The Hope Secondary School in Beit Jala on the West Bank serves 130 disadvantaged Palestinian students.

Hope School General Director Khader Saba greets pilgrims with some of the eggs produced by the school's chickens.

Hope School General Director Khader Saba

Laila Nour, who works in sponsorship/fundraising for the school.

A Mission team from U.S. of 20-30 16-17-year-olds work as volunteers for three weeks to a month each year. The team built the laundry building.

The creation of the laundry facility allowed the school to devote space to the new kindergarten.

Construction has begun on an indoor basketball court.

The school raises money by selling the eggs from its 2,000 chickens.

The kindergarten classroom space at Hope School.