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Some Facts

  • 150 million estimated orphans worldwide
  • 800,000 children in the U.S. foster care system
  • 180,000 foster children ready for adoption; 10 percent will be adopted
  • Every 16 seconds – a child is orphaned by the AIDS / HIV crisis. Fewer than half will live five years after being orphaned

N.U.H.O.P.E. and The United Methodist Church of the New England Conference have the opportunity to be advocates for orphaned children throughout the world. The voice of the Christian community in New England towards the plight of these children is very soft, and it is time that all Christians in New England raise their voice for these children.

The New England Conference considers the worldwide adoption/orphan crisis to be unacceptable.We support and encourage greater awareness and education to promote adoption of a wide variety of children through Foster Care, international adoption, and domestic adoption.

And, “we commend the birth parent(s), the receiving parent(s), and the child to the care of the Church, that grief might be shared, joy might be celebrated, and the child might be nurtured in a community of Christian love.”  – United Methodist Social Principles, Paragraph 161.L

N.U.H.O.P.E. is a New England Conference Advance Special, and there are a number of exciting opportunities to reach these children through prayer, awareness, and action. Each local church can reach out to the other churches in their communities to share and be the catalyst to raise awareness about orphans; something that is desperately needed.

Orphan Sunday

New England United Methodist churches have made significant impact in the lives of Orphan/Foster children and families through Orphan Sunday (celebrated in November). We can celebrate through sermons, Bible study, children’s message, prayer time, and general awareness of the plight of orphans and the adoption crisis in the world.

We pray the Holy Spirit continues to be with us as we celebrate Orphan Sunday and Orphan Awareness Week each year. The goal is to have every one of our churches involved by at least praying on Orphan Sunday and N.U.H.O.P.E. Orphan Awareness Week.

Orphan Sunday resources 

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