Katahdin District Committees

2023 District Committees

District Lay Leaders:

The District Lay Leaders partner with the District Superintendent to equip, support and connect the laity and pastors of the District. There may be one or more than one Associate Lay Leader(s) for the District, who relates to the Conference Lay Leader, is a member of the Annual Conference and the Conference Board of Laity and relates to or serves on District Boards and Committees.

Nancy Wharton

Michael Gudreau

District Ministry Team

The District Ministry Team consists of leaders in the district who gather to discuss the business of the district, training for the district, and the building up of the Katahdin congregations.  [This committee should include a clergy representative from each cluster, the head of each District committee, the District lay leader(s), and several members at large both lay and clergy.  The DS is a member of the team but it is led by a clergy person.]

Chairpersons: Sue Davenport 

Clergy:  Kelly Harvell

Laity: Wayne Griffeth-Hurst, Sue Stoughton, Theron Letterlough

District Lay Leader:  TBD

District Committee on Ministry

This committee is responsible for tracking, reviewing, and approving or disapproving a clergy candidate.  Any clergy person who is not an ordained elder or deacon is required to present themselves before DCOM once a year for review.  This committee consists of both clergy and laity and meets 6 times a year.  [By Discipline, the committee shall consist of: one member of the Board of Ordained Ministry, the DS, at least 6 other clergy (including women and ethnic) of which at least one has completed the Course of Study, a Deacon, and one member under the age of 35, and at least 3 professing members of the United Methodist church (laity).]

Chairperson: Seongmoon Ahn

Registrar: Steve Smith

1 member of the Board of Ordained Ministry – Ellen Bridge

At least 6 other clergy (including women and ethnic): Victor Han, Neil Gastonguay, Sue Davenport, Michele St Cyr, Tracy Reeves, Kelly Harvell of which at least 1 has completed the Course of Study: Steve Smith

1 Deacon: Ellen Bridge

At least 3 professing members of the United Methodist church (laity): Belinda Wee, Theresa Mudgett, Jim Burkhart

One shall be a CLM: Tammy Judkins

District Lay Leader: TBD

District Board of Locations and Buildings

This committee is responsible for overseeing the buying, selling or remodeling of any church property in the district.  If a church wishes to buy or sell either a piece of land, their parsonage, or even their church building, it must first be reviewed and approved by the DCLB.  In the case of remodeling, the project must be approved if the project exceeds 25 % of the value of the current property.  [shall have 6-9 members – preferably 2-3 from northern area, 2-3 from eastern area, 2-3 from the Coastal area, and 2-3 from Bangor west; recommended 1/3 clergy, 1/3 lay women, 1/3 lay men]

Chairperson: Ken and Ann Beach

Bangor/Highlands:  Ann Beach, Ken Beach, Bill Condon, Dan Ames

Down East/Hancock: Gary Lavorgna, 

County: Sue Brown, Keith Brown, Paula Lilley

Coastal: Ardelle Gile

District Lay Leader: Nancy Wharton

Committee on District Superintendency

This committee is the district version of a church’s SPRC.  The members consist of clergy and laity from across the district.  They meet quarterly or as needed.  This is not only the support committee for District staff, but also the committee to whom people will go if they have issues with either the DS or the Administrative Assistant.  Through the committee the issues will be resolved.   [By Discipline, the committee shall consist of  2 lay women, 2 lay men, 2 clergy, 2 at large, the district lay leader and 2 appointed by the DS.]

Chairperson:  Spencer Shaw

2 lay women: BJ Frosch, Gail Vencill

1 youth or young adult (clergy or lay): Spencer Shaw

2 lay men: Rick Stoughton

2 clergy: Victor Han, Ann Beach

2 at large: Sharon Stevens-Grant, Michael Leonard

District Lay Leader:

2 appointed by the DS: Susan Davenport (secretary), Ellen Bridge

District Finance Committee

When a church requests a reduction in their annual mission shares, they are required to apply to this committee, which will then submit their recommendation to the Conference Mission Share Review committee.  [Should have 8-12 members – preferably 2-3 from northern area, 2-3 from eastern area 2-3 from Coastal, and 2-3 from Bangor west]

Chairperson:  Rick Stoughton

Bangor/Highlands: Rick Stoughton, Marty Yates, __________________

Aroostook/Lincoln: John DeFelice

Down East/Hancock: Sharon Grant, Deanna West, Peter Remick

District Lay Leader: Nancy Wharton

District Committee on Lay Servant Ministry

This committee is responsible for managing the Lay Speaking program in the District.  They will train the teachers, track the classes, record the Lay Speakers’ annual reports, and report to the conference on the status of Lay Speakers in the district.

Chairperson:  Jim Boughman

Lay Servants: Kelly Santiago, Wayne Griffeth-Hurst, Hazel Hammond, Reeni Cipullo

Local pastors: Deanna West, Carol Stevens

Elders (Consultants): Linda Campbell-Marshall, Sue Davenport

District Lay Leader: Nancy Wharton   

Others: (CLM)  

District Spiritual Development Team:


Members: Deanna Philbrick, Michael Leonard, Michele St Cyr, Andrew McCormick, JungSun Oh

District ERT/Disaster Response Team Coordinator: Peter Remick

District UMVIM Coordinator:  Peter Remick

District Global Mission Representative:   Michael Leonard

APART Recovery Ministries Coordinator:

District Nominations Committee:  Ellen Bridge, Tracy Reeves, Sharon Stevens Grant, Michael Leonard, Linda Campbell Marshall, Theresa Mudgett