NME District Committees

NME District Committee  2017-2018

District Lay Leaders

District Lay Leaders:  1 from Aroostook/Lincoln: __________________

            1 from Bangor: Sue Chaffee

            1 from Highlands:   Theresa Mudgett

            1 from Down East/Hancock: Hazel Hammond


District Ministry Team

Chairperson: ____________________, 

Clergy: Peter Remick, Jim Boughman, Kate Nicol

Laity: Wayne Griffeth-Hurst, BJ Frosch, Nancy Bond


District Committee on Ministry

1 member of the Board of Ordained Ministry – Tracy Reeves(chairperson), Chris Dare

At least 6 other clergy (including women and ethnic): Michele St. Cyr, Arlene Tully(registrar), Tim Wilcox

       of which at least 1 has completed the Course of Study: Bernie Hammond, Ellen Cleaves

1 Deacon – Ellen Bridge

1 clergy member “under the age of 35 – David Nicol

At least 3 professing members of the United Methodist church (laity) – Malcolm Hare, Peg Swett, Belinda Wee

One shall be a CLM: Paula Lilley

District Lay Leader: _____________________


District Board of Locations and Buildings

Bangor/Highlands:  Ann Beach, Ken Beach, Bill Condon, John Robbins,

Down East/Hancock: Randy Chretien [chairperson], Carolyn Chretien

County: Sue Brown, Keith Brown

District Lay Leader: _________________


Committee on District Superintendency

Chairperson:  Ellen Bridge

2 lay women – BJ Frosch, Barbara Clark

1 youth or young adult (clergy or lay) –Victor Han

2 lay men – Keith Brown, Kevin Raye

2 clergy – Peter Remick (secretary), Ann Beach

2 at large – Jan Rhenow, Darlene Shortt

District Lay Leader – Sue Chaffee

2 appointed by the DS – Susan Davenport, _________________


District Parsonage Committee:   Gregg Stewart (chairperson), Gail Sumner, Keith Brown, Patty LeBlanc, Brenna Thornton ______________________




District Finance/Mission Share Review Committee

 Bangor/Highlands: Michael Morris, David Nicol, ______________

Aroostook/Lincoln: Wes Lavigne, Tim Wilcox, _______________

Down East/Hancock: Randy Chretien, Deanna West, _____________


District Committee on Lay Servant Ministry

Chairperson:  Jim Boughman

Lay Servants: Kelly Santiago, Wayne Griffeth-Hurst, Nancy Bond, ______________

Local pastors: Reeni Cipullo, Deanna West

Elders: _____________________________

District Lay Leader:  Hazel Hammond

Others: (CLM)  


District Spiritual Development Team:

 Kim MacLeod, Marilyn Rohdin, Ruth Foss, Robin Sprague, Chris Dare, Gretchen Casey, _____________________


District Communications Team:

 Wayne Griffeth-Hurst, Stephen Smith, Mark Sobczak, __________________


Imagine No Malaria Ambassadors:    Kim MacLeod, Ellen Bridge.  Program has been terminated/mutated.


District ERT/Disaster Response Team Coordinator: Peter Remick


District UMVIM Coordinator: Dave Adams _______________, _____________________


District Global Mission Representative:   _______________________________

APART Recovery Ministries Coordinator: Kim MacLeod, Gretchen Casey, _______________