Local church ministry: 'You've been graced'

October 19, 2022

Pastor Steve Smith, who serves as coordinating pastor at Corinth UMC in Maine, shares this story:

Corinth was looking at a way to increase their footprint in the community with some sort of outreach program, so the church started a ministry titled "You've Been Graced!"

[On Monday, Oct. 18, 2022,] we dropped off 190 Dunkin' Donut gift cards — one for for every member of the staff of the Corinth School System: teachers, administrators and staffers along with a flyer that reads "You've Been Graced!"

The cards that say "We appreciate your service to our community," also include a picture of the church and our contact information. 

There have been numerous teachers and staff commenting with their appreciation to the church; ripple effect has grown to others with favorable responses in the community.

It's a pretty simple idea that doesn't require a lot of "people power" to pull it off. Each month we will go to a different agency to "grace" them.  

In November,  we will "grace" the fire department, EMTs and local Sheriff's office. In December,  the local hospital, and in January, the town office with more to come.

Below is the post Corinth put on its Facebook page along with a screen grab of some of the comments.