White Privilege Focus Group seeks those ready to engage in anti-racism work

July 22, 2020

The New England Conference has formed a White Privilege Focus Group to address white privilege and help engage our Conference

Rev. David Calhoun

Seacoast DS 

Rev. We Chang
Commonwealth East DS

Rev. Ted Crass, Executive Director, UM Foundation of New England

Beth DiCocco
Conference Communications Dir.

Rev. Allen Ewing-Merrill
Executive Director, BTS Center

Rev. Leigh Goodrich, chair, Conference Board of Church and Society

Rev. Ralph Howe
First UMC, Pittsfield, MA

Rev. Sam Johnson, retired

Rev. Stewart Lanier
LAOS Consulting

Rev. Pat MacHugh
Weston (MA) UMC

Rev. Effie McAvoy, chair, Conference Commission on Religion and Race

Rev. Wes Palmer, Executive Director, Preachers’ Aid Society

Rev. Erica Robinson-Johnson (convener), Assistant to the Bishop/
Dir. of Connectional Ministries

Rene Wilbur
Conference Lay Leader
in vital anti-racism work.
By connecting people and their work, we hope to create opportunities for learning, witness, and advocacy in the local church, districts, and the Conference that will dismantle racism in our Church and the wider community.  
The White Privilege Focus Group is looking to identify persons in the NEAC who are called to anti-racism work. Although all United Methodists are called to this work, we acknowledge that not everyone is yet moved or ready to engage.  

In this moment, we seek to organize and encourage those who are ready now to engage in the work of nurturing a conference-wide anti-racism movement – while we find ways to help others continue to learn and prepare to engage. 
Is this you? Are you ready now? Let’s connect!
Send your name, church, email address and phone number to communicate@neumc.org
Thank you!
The NEAC White Privilege Focus Group