Warm hearts make for warmer homes

Report by Anne Ferrara; photos by Carol Gregor and Tony Ferrara.

December 06, 2015

Reversing Falls Sanctuary is an extension of the Brooksville UMC in Maine. Volunteers participated in a WindowDresser Project Local Community Build Oct. 26-31, 2015, and offer this report: 
Warm hearts, warm homes – what a winning combination! More than 70 volunteers offered their time and talent to build 300 insulated window inserts for
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their neighbors the week of October 26th at the Brooksville Community Center. 
Akin to a barn-raising, agile hands worked in harmony to make this project – whose goals were to weatherize “leaky” windows, reduce CO2 emissions, and build community – a smashing success. Like the barn-raisings of old, good food and lilting music made the experience a most enjoyable one for all participants. 
Window insert recipients are quite enthusiastic about the difference the windows are making in their homes thus far.  A large THANK YOU to all who offered their hands and hearts to this worthwhile project.
A meeting was held recently to discuss the project and to plan for the Local Community Build – 2016.  Many persons have taken on leadership roles and have already begun planning for next year's build!
Click here to visit the Reversing Falls Sanctuary website to see comments from those who received windows and the volunteers and learn more about the WindowDressers Project.

Window Dressing by Richard Gregor
(to the tune of Morning Has Broken)

My windows are broken, they’re leaky and drafty
Our storm panels fix them, they’re a pretty good deal
Praise for the workers, who help us conserve heat
Working together, our homes are preserved.
Gratitude, Interest, Joy, and Amusement
Pride, Inspiration, Hope, Love and Awe
Serenity finds us, community binds us
Praise for it springing fresh from our works.