Wanted: Mission Teams to Support the United Methodist Economic Ministry

March 09, 2020

Wanted: Mission Teams to Support the United Methodist Economic Ministry
Jeff Munson - New England Conference Volunteer in Mission Co-Coordinator and
Member of the UMEM Board of Directors.
If your congregation has been considering a mission trip this summer and is looking for a location, one of the best opportunities around is available right here in New England. The United Methodist Economic Ministry in Salem, Maine has been serving the needs of the communities of Appalachian Maine for the past 50 years. 

In addition to a Thrift Shop, a Food Pantry, Emergency Assistance for members of the community, Home Repairs and seasonal programs such as backpacks for school and Christmas and Prom shops, the UMEM has hosted Summer Missions Teams from across the country.  

Each June through August UMEM  hosts groups from Maine, West Virginia, Indiana, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York and beyond. Many groups are “repeat offenders” and have supported the ministry for years.  

Each team spends a week (give or take) on site at UMEM Salem completing various projects like repairs to local homes or improvements to one of UMEM's facilities.  Groups have built ramps and steps, replaced windows, repaired roofing, installed wheelchair accessible flooring, helped with day-to-day work at the Ministry sites, and so much more!
Summer Missions Teams are key partners in UMEM's work to make the homes of our neighbors safer, warmer and drier, especially in preparation for the cold Maine winters. Often the relationships built between the mission team members, homeowners and our UMEM staff and volunteers is just as important as the labor provided. 

​If you are interested in bringing a team, please contact the Ministry for available dates and mission rates!  The UMEM is a recognized United Methodist Volunteer In Mission (UMVIM) site. 

For more information on the ministries of the UMEM, or to register a team, visit www.umeconomicministry.com or visit them on Facebook @umeconomicministry

Do this soon, as summer dates are filling up!