Volunteer in Mission team needed in Western Maine

February 27, 2018

The United Methodist Economic Ministry (UMEM) in Salem Maine is looking for a team of volunteers to assist with improving an area of the ministry’s property that is often used as an emergency shelter. UMEM serves the people of Western Maine with the food banks, thrift shops, and home repair services. The team is needed this summer and can schedule their stay at the UMEM on any of the available dates.

UMEM has a wide range of accommodations for visiting teams including: a bunkhouse with a capacity for 22, a large kitchen and dining area, 3 RV sites, and unlimited space for tents.
The emergency shelter “apartment” is used to provide a family, or individual, in crisis with temporary shelter. In just the last two years the apartment has provided emergency shelter to a homeless couple, and a pregnant mom with two kids.

The project to improve the apartment includes demolition and rebuilding of a moisture damaged wall, the installation of new windows, access modifications, and several smaller repairs. The volunteer mission team that the ministry needs would be willing to donate their time and resources to making improvements to the apartment at the Salem, ME ministry headquarters.  Skills can vary, but basic carpentry skills would be beneficial.  

If you feel called to head to the mountains of Western Maine with a team of volunteers that want to make a difference, contact the Staff at UMEM Salem: Phone 207-678-2611, or email umem@tdstelme.net . The ministry staff will be happy to answer your questions and assist you with planning for your team.   We hope to see you in the mountains of Maine this summer.
Visit the UMEM website at https://www.umeconomicministry.com/  for more information.