UMARMY coming to First UMC of Claremont, NH

July 11, 2016

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Priscilla Hull, Lay Leader at First United Methodist Church in Claremont, NH, shares this story about her church’s work with United Methodist Action Reach-Out Mission for Youth or UMARMY:

Next week, July 17 to 25, 2016, First United Methodist Church will host about 60 youths and adults who are coming to be an example of what love for God and humanity can accomplish. They will be coming to rake yards, paint, tear down sheds; make steps and porches safe, and do many other jobs. They are from an organization called United Methodist Action Reach-Out Mission for Youth or UMARMY.

FUMC is a small church of 15-20 active worshipers who have been on their own for a year. They do not have very many resources, in fact, they just left a beautiful sanctuary to share a smaller facility at Union Episcopal Church (the oldest continuously operating Episcopal Church in the state of New Hampshire).   

By hosting UMARMY, we are making a difference not just in Claremont, but in the state, in the country, in the world.  Although the majority of the people who worship at FUMC are 60+, this little church can and does make a difference. 

This is our second year hosting the UMARMY. Last year and this, we enlisted the help of the people of Union Episcopal Church; and many others in town to help with this project. Because when a big job has to be done, sometimes help is needed. Working together with these young people and adults to make this a successful adventure, the church and community people will make Claremont a little prettier, safer and happier.  

All are invited to worship, which begins 7:30 each evening, at Union Episcopal Church, Old Church Road in Claremont. Donations are accepted.