Two teens from Many Waters District to join 2022 Taizé Pilgrimage

March 01, 2022

The Many Waters District is sending TWO teens on the 2022 Taizé Pilgrimage with Bishop Sudarshana Devadhar. Mariah and Rebeka Palmer are now in the fundraising phase with a combined goal of $4,400. Pastor Robin Chaput (Bethel UMC and Rumford UMC) shares about these dynamic young Christians:                             
I wanted to give you a little more information to help you to better understand the girls’ family situation and why I feel this trip to Taize would be a wonderful experience for them.  
Rebeka and Mariah live in a single-parent household with their mother. They live in a low-income apartment in Bethel. The girls and their mother joined the church a few years ago and before that were unchurched. It was Mariah who convinced their mother that they needed to start going to church to bring change into their lives. The girls have tried to invite friends from school to join them in the church in hopes to build a young adult Christian community, but it has not yet happened. The girls desperately want to meet Christians of their age. They want to be able to talk with other Christians their age about their beliefs.  
I bought the girls study bibles a year ago and they were thrilled. They read their bibles regularly and study the scriptures at home with their mom. They come to church every Sunday even when their mom cannot make it. They get up and walk to church themselves.  
Mariah and Rebeka volunteer for the once-a-month Soup On luncheon at Bethel UMC. They also volunteer at the once-a-month Market on Main Street that our church hosts from spring until fall. We have folks from non-profit groups set up tables to raise money for their programs, we collect food for the local food cupboard. They help the local non-profits set up and take down their tables. They also make and sell baked goods to raise money for our church at this market. They pass out Christian literature and books to families that come by the market as well as invitations to our Sunday morning worship services.  
These girls have so much potential for growing into disciples for Christ and I truly believe this trip to Taizé would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will help them both to grow deeper in their faith and commitment to God. Our Church is committed to supporting and helping these girls to reach their spiritual goals. Thank you so much for considering supporting these girls on their trip to Taize. 

Blessings and peace, Robin.  
To Learn more about the Taizé Pilgrimage for youth and youth adults visit                                                  

To support Mariah and Rebeka Palmer’s faith journey, please send your donations via check care of: 

The Many Waters District 
PO Box 89 
East Winthrop Maine 04364 

In the check memo, please write:  Taize Journey


you may use VENMO @ManyWatersDistrictUMC