Springfield church offers 'Urban Challenge' for youth and young adults

January 25, 2016

The Trinity Urban Challenge is an invitation to extend yourself beyond the boundaries of your hometown into the neighborhoods of the city of Springfield, MA, the fourth largest city in New England. 
This multi-day program is appropriate for high school and college-age participants who want to learn more about the challenges and joys found in cities.

This urban immersion will offer opportunities to spend time with people facing the challenges of poverty and with organizations that work to advocate for and empower city residents. Participants will be involved in service and educational activities that engage them in the issues related to poverty and social justice. 

Our faith calls us to see Christ in everyone in the community. Recognizing the challenge of this call, prayer and reflection time are also an essential part of the Urban Challenge.

Participants and chaperones are expected to actively immerse themselves in all parts of the experience. Our hope is that this immersion will open the hearts and minds of participants to expand and transform their view of the world, stimulate thought and discussion, and lead to action.

Available dates for the Urban Challenge are
June 25-June 30, 2016
July 17-July 23, 2016
Aug. 14-Aug. 20, 2016

This program, housed at Trinity UMC , can accommodate groups of 8-16 youth. One chaperone for every five youth is required. 

The cost is $300 per person including meals (five breakfasts, five lunches, and two dinners) or $150 per person without meals (kitchen facilities will be available).

For more information, contact Marilyn Paul-Lewis at (413) 737-5311 or trinityoutreachspfld@gmail.com