Record management for local churches

March 01, 2021

The Boston University School of Theology Archives, located in the school's library, collects, preserves, and provides access to records of enduring historical value relating to or created by the New England Conference of The United Methodist Church.

The New England Conference Collections contain local church records, conference records, conference journals and other publications.

Archivist is Kara Jackman; contact her at (617) 353-1323 or

The information presented on these slides can help you manage YOUR church's files, answering these questions:
  • What is a record?
  • When should I send records to the archives?
  • What records should you keep permanently?
  • How do we keep the church secretary or group secretary organized?
  • How do we box and label the records for transfer to the Archives?
  • How do I store and preserve our church or organization records?