Program agencies can seek additional funding for 2020 expenses

February 11, 2021

Chairs of New England Conference program agencies have received notification from the Connectional Table about the opportunity to apply for additional funds for expenses incurred in 2020. 

Due to the measures taken to curb spending in 2020 and the generosity of conference members, the Conference Council on Finance and Administration (CCFA) was able to set aside $50,000 for expenses incurred by individuals that were not submitted for reimbursement in light of the budget freeze or for planned projects that may have been sidelined because of the mid-year funding limitations. 

A Feb. 11, 2021 letter from Connectional Table Co-Chairs Joan Klein and Rev. Rene Perez to agency chairs included the following:

"We want to thank you for your faithful stewardship during the uncertainty of 2020. ... In recognition of this, and with the healthy financial ending to 2020, CCFA has generously set aside $50,000 for the Connectional Table to grant to agencies that meet the qualifications for additional funding for 2020. Please note, this is NOT to increase your 2021 budget, but to cover costs that were either spent (but not reimbursed) or would have been used for projects in 2020 (that were included in the 2020 approved budget) if the budget had not been cut."

Read the full letter here

Application process
Grant requests will be accepted through March 30, 2021, and will be reviewed together shortly after that date. 

Examples of qualified requests:
  • Our chair attended a training event in 2020 and paid the registration but did not submit a reimbursement request
  • Members met for an in-person meeting just prior to the shut down and did not submit travel/other reimbursement requests
  • Since we could not meet in person, the chair mailed materials to members and paid for the postage out of pocket
  • We were not able to hold our event and have postponed it to this extra expense on top of the 2021 budget
  • Registration/deposits for something happening in 2021 would have been paid from 2020 budget but were not submitted
Examples of requests that do not qualify:
  • We did not get the full amount we requested in 2020 (or 2021) and so we would like to ask for more now
  • We saved money on travel and lodging and so we would like the amounts we would have spent carried over
  • We would like to do something new that we had not originally planned for, but the pandemic led to this idea [while the 50k is not for this purpose, this would be a legitimate request for additional 2021 funding from Connectional Table's emerging needs fund]
Please submit your request to the co-chairs of the Connectional Table (contact info below) through email using the following template:
Name of Organization:
Name of Person Submitting Application:
Contact email/phone:
Amount requested:
Reason for request:
Attach supporting documentation
Joan E. Klein                                             Rev. Rene Perez               
Co-chair of NEAC Connectional Table       Co-chair of NEAC Connectional Table