One Board church leadership model explained

November 20, 2018

Churches face many challenges as they seek to fulfill their mission in the 21st century. One of those is providing leadership - and using a leadership structure - that allows the congregation to live out their mission and vision.
The United Methodist Church allows local congregations to create a model for leadership that makes sense for them. Many churches are finding the One Board Model (also known as the Single Board Model) to be life-giving: freeing leaders up from endless meetings while making the meetings they do have more effective.

Rev. Rick McKinley, Conference Director of Congregational Development, has created a 50-minute webinar to explain the basics of the One Board Model and the next steps needed in order to implement it. 

The video below is a recording of the Nov. 8, 2018 webinar. Rev. McKinley plans to offer more live sessions of the webinar in 2019. Watch the e-news for details.