New England Conference 'Heritage Center' collection needs a new home

See photos of more items in the collection in the gallery at right

September 11, 2018

The New England United Methodist Historical Society is seeking a new home for some precious old items.
The New England Conference “Heritage Center” is a collection of furniture and historic objects that were formerly housed at the Conference Center. With the move to the new building in Methuen, these items are in need of a new home.
A bust of John Wesley similar to the one in the collection. See photos of the collection at right.
The principal artifacts in this collection include the two arm chairs, two stained glass windows (3'x5' and 4'x8' in two sections), several silver communion sets, Wesleyan artifacts: bust and photos; small items belonging to Francis Asbury and early Methodists of this area; several framed portraits; a lady's dress, purse, and bonnet; a saddlebag, assorted canes, an 18-century tea service; several Bibles and hymnals; three file cabinet drawers full of photos of groups, portraits, and places; and many smaller items.
The Rev. Margaret Bickford, past President of the New England United Methodist Historical Society and curator of the collection, outlined what the society is seeking in terms of a place to display the items:
A climate controlled space of approximately 20’ x 30’ (similar to a two-car garage) would be needed to house the collection. Two smaller rooms rather than one larger one could also work. Office space or general-use rooms, if available, would be appropriate. Additional space for storage would be welcome, Rev. Bickford said.
To display the historic items, the society has five tall bookcases (3' x 6'), three all-glass display cases (1.5’ square by 6’ tall), and one glass display case approx. 2’ square by 6’ tall. Each of the two chairs in the collection has a box stand that is about 3-feet square.
The society would like to see the collection centrally located within the New England Conference, and in an easily accessible location with parking.
NEUM Historical Society would be responsible for shipping the items from the storage units in North Andover where the items are currently housed.
“Of course,” Rev. Bickford said, “a donated truck(s) and moving crew would be greatly welcomed and greatly appreciated!”
If you have space to house the Heritage Center or would like to learn more, contact Rev. Bickford at (603) 786-2475 or