Mission Shares success story: Hedding UMC

March 29, 2021


Mission Shares Story: Hedding UMC from New England Conference UMC on Vimeo.

Sometimes it’s the blessing, not the devil, that’s in the details.
Rethinking how they construct the church’s budget and how they think about the church’s endowments has helped

Rev. Rae Fraumann

move Hedding UMC in Barre, VT, away from a sense of scarcity and given them a renewed sense of excitement about their mission and ministry. 
It also helped the church pay its Mission Shares in full for the first time in several years.

COVID-19 halted their community dinners, but the pause created an opportunity to renovate the church kitchen. And their new approach to their finances is giving them the means to do it.
Rev. Rae Fraumann has been serving Hedding since 2019. She talks about the changes the church has made and is making and her role in those as pastor.