Join Nicaragua mission trip in February 2017

Assembling Sawyer water filtration kits for La Trinidad August 2016.

October 25, 2016

A mission team of 12 volunteers is needed for a “shovel-ready” clean water and sanitation project for a rural Nicaraguan community.  This short-term mission trip to Nicaragua is planned for Feb. 18-26, 2017, when many public schools are on break. Volunteers will be joining a blended group from all over New England. Dan Dolan, executive director of the Nicaragua Covenant, will be serving as the team leader. 
A blended team of youth and adults is sought. A minimum age of 15 is strongly suggested. The itinerary details are currently tentative, but the trip will include a time for cultural/historical education, shopping and sights around Managua, as well as two to three days working on the project. The planned project work will involve travel to the mountains of northern Nicaragua and a night or two of lodging in a hostel.  For an idea of what the experience is like, see recent delegation photos and stories
The all-inclusive average cost (airfare, lodging, food, transport, and translator) for mission team trips in 2016 was approximately $1,300 per person. Airfare is the biggest portion of this cost and is subject to change.  A passport is required. We will make every effort to coordinate our air travel to match the selected arrival and departure dates (TBD). A commitment deposit of $100 per person will be made at the end of November.
Team safety is always paramount and this includes access to safe food and water.  
If you are interested in joining the team, contact Dolan via email at: